CCP Booking - All slots including instructions

BIG CABLE is for anyone with little experience with board sports. You can book all available time slots, up to 12 people per hour


For a group with more participants that the booking alows or outside normal opening hours, contact us at:


SMALL CABLE is for anyone who has no experience with board sports. You are one on the track at a time and the speed is controlled 100% according to your level


The CCP Basic Course is the ultimate offer for those who want to get started with the sport. The advantage is that the big cable runs slower, which gives a calmer start


Big cable slow speed Is a beginner speed option on the big cable 


Changes and cancellation conditions
 It is possible to change the time, the number of participants, or cancel the time, under the conditions below.
7 days before the booked time, you are free to change your time and the number of participants. It is also possible to cancel your appointment and get the full amount refunded.
If you want to change your time or cancel it less than 7 days before, you can change or cancel up to 48 hours before. We charge a Fee of DKK 150 per person booked if change or cancellation occurs during this period.
If you wish to change your time, or to cancel less than 48 hours before, please note that you cannot get a refund for your payment